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Knowing their ideas gave us an image of their lifestyle. We had the chance to look through the eyes of the inhabitants and we realized the despair is incredibly high.   

We passed by many children who were playing, and they showed us how their playing ground looks like. They said they want a football pitch because they dream of becoming professional football players and they are also looking for a nice place toplay in their neighborhood. Whereas some of the children said they want to become doctors, civil engineers and architects.

One of theboys was very enthusiastic about building a swimming pool and a Convention Centerlike in “Kimihurura” in their neighborhood Gitega. He would call it “BIG Convention Center Gitega”. We asked why he wants to do this, and he said: “Every day I see swimming pools on television with so many people enjoying life, so I wish I would have one at home to play in with my friends”, but we are lucky we have our drainage that serve as the swimming pool.” This was an expression of a child with passion, devotion, desire and hope!


  • I want to be an architect(ndashaka kuba umwubatsi) by BIZIMUNGU NoelI 

  • I want to be an international trader (ndashaka kuba umucuruzi ukomeye) by KAYITESI Alice

  • I need a training in Nutrition (nshaka kubona amahugurwa mu by’ imirire) by NSEKERABANZI Alfred

  • I want to be an international cyclist in Africa (ndashaka kuba umunyonzi ukomeye muri Africa) by Christopher

Our slum upgradingapproach is different from the traditional slum eradicating approach, becausewe involve the community and listen to the opinion of all residents. Theirdreams, desires and initiatives are central in our Vocational Training CenterCC-JOBS-Rwanda.



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