Liberatha takes us through her garden.

On Oct 19 2018

The workshop held inGitega neighborhood on the 9th of September 2018, was more aboutnutrition in the neighborhood, people’s view about the current situation,what’s done and what’s needed to be done about it in the area.

Liberatha takes us through her garden.

Liberatha is a health advisor in the village in charge ofthe growth of children under five years and other health issues in that village.She and her husband had a difficult life before because she had to work for thefamily alone most of the time, but she didn’t lose hope, she did everything tosupport her family. As a health advisor she has an exemplary kitchen gardenwhere she grows different vegetables namely carrots, eggplants, cucumbers,onions, beetroots, rosemary, some tree tomatoes and so many others.

“it has been a blessing to have a garden like this becauseit has helped my family so much. We are now able to get food to cook dailywithout spending a lot and I help others by teaching them how to get this smallheavenly sent garden.” Said liberatha. 

There are not many stunting children intheir village although she and other health advisors carry a seminar monthly totrain parents about nutrition and how the growth of their children depends on whatthey feed them. In addition, she thinks that if everyone does the same it willnot be necessary for them to go to the market for these nutritious vegetables,so that this money will be used in other crucial activities of their families.She was very happy with the establishment of the Training Center CC-JOBSbecause she thinks it will support their nutrition program and help themeradicate stunting among children.

Oct 19 2018 12:00 AM


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