BRIEF Assignment proposal for CM and CB Students:

For studies related to Creative Business, Communication and Multimedia Design we are looking for students who can maintain, upgrade & manage our social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and website. From daily/weekly posting to creating EG canvas posters for the different mentioned channels. Another assignment could be related to the development of a documentary or working on short videos for promotion and marketing purposes. These assignments are related to the 3rd year interns, and it could be seen as additional tasks for the 4thyear students if they are interested. 

Possible assignments and Tasks for the 3rd and 4th year students with more complexity:

1. Developing and implementing a Marketing Communication Plan for CC-JOBS INGO.

2. Developing and implementing a Social Media Strategy for CC-JOBS INGO.

3. Developing and directing a documentary for the Youth Development Sponsorship Program or strategize the video production making of CC-JOBS INGO in general. 

In general, we welcome all students with creative ideas related the described topics above.

Come to Rwanda where you will experience what you have never done before. Have a meaningful, impactful and life changing internship/research period.

Essential background information

Experience/Knowledge: A student who is internationally orientated, adventurous, flexible has a basic English level, can work independently, is communicative strong and open for working with different cultures in the international environment. 

Period: This is flexible, but we recommended students at least a period of 2 months and longer. 

Compensation: Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. 

Guidance: We offer daily support with Research writing and reviews, data Collection, Language interpretation and local neighborhood guidance when visiting Kigali Rwanda or doing an online research project. 

We support interns with all living arrangements for their stay in Rwanda.

Please contact us for more details.

Netherlands Office

Meester Mulderstraat 18

7951 VX Denekamp

The Netherlands

Rwanda Office

Office: inside Destiny International School

KN 3 Street, Kigali, Rwanda

Near Engen Station

Contact Details

+250 783998719 - Office Rwanda 

+250 786687882 - Office Rwanda 



Registration Number of NGO


(Dutch Chamber of Commerce)

RSIN-number of CC-JOBS



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