CC-JOBS uses the “Ngira Mbagire“(support to support) Sponsorship Model as our priority activity- CC-JOBS Sponsors and guides youngsters in the following ways: • Initial stage 1. A practical study program at established Training Centres, located within the target sector, in Culinary Arts and Nutrition. 2. Basic English and Communication programs. • Intermediate stage 3. Coaching on how to successfully find employment on the labour market by advising in the application and interview process. 4. Entrepreneurship training and coaching on how to open their small business in Hospitality, food retail and creative food industry- • Completion stage 5. Leadership workshops and participation in community Development; encouraging these candidates to improve the living conditions of their neighbourhood and actively contribute to their community.

Netherlands Office

Meester Mulderstraat 18

7951 VX Denekamp

The Netherlands

Rwanda Office

Building: Niza Plaza

Village: Ubukorikori

Akagali: Akabahizi

Umurenge: Gitega

District: Nyarugenge

Contact Details

+250 783998719 - Office Rwanda 

+250 786687882 - Office Rwanda 

Email: vanrossum@cc-jobs.org

Email: info@cc-jobs.org

Registration Number of NGO


(Dutch Chamber of Commerce)

RSIN-number of CC-JOBS



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